Insights Into The Making Of A Lip-Smacking Meatloaf


Making a tasty meatloaf is a classic science by itself. When you are bored with the usual stuffed squash and salads, the best thing that you can try out is a tender and flavorsome meatloaf. Bites of meatloaf can be savored in an array of flavors. The presents to you a typical formula for making the yummiest meatloaf. The article discusses the basic formula along with some interesting value additions to make the meatloaf more tempting.

The contemporary formula for an enhanced taste
Most recipes for meatloaf feature two pounds of finely ground meat along with a mixture of bread or crackers that are immersed in milk. The mixture also contains egg to embrace the ground meat. The egg as well adds sufficient moisture to the mixture. Pork, veal, lamb or beef are commonly used for the making of a meatloaf. Many times, a single variety of meat is used. However, using a combination of meat enhances the flavor and texture of a meatloaf. An ideal mix of 70 percent beef along with 30 percent of pork can be utilized to enhance the flavor and richness.

The pork contributes to the essential fat which prevents the drying and crumbling of meatloaf. Always choose a meat that only contains 80 to 85 percent of the lean composition. A combination of vegetables would impart more flavor to the meatloaf. Onions that are diced small along with carrots and celery make an ideal choice for a mirepoix. However, you can swap these usual vegetables and add mushrooms, peas and broccoli to bring out an exotic tinge to your meatloaf. Make sure to cook all the vegetables well so that it becomes tender and appetizing. Perfectly cooked vegetables enhance the taste of your meatloaf.

The ketchup factor can never be missed however old-fashioned it may be. The creamy tomato glaze that occurs because of the concentration of the tomato sauce during cooking pairs ideally with the meatloaf. A meatloaf savored with creamy tomato sauce incorporated into it is indeed a real bliss. Barbecue sauce can also be used instead of the tomato ketchup to make your meatloaf more delicious. For those of you who are neither interested in the tomato ketchup nor the barbecue sauce, try draping the meatloaf with bacon strips just before cooking. The bacon strips also provide an ideal flavorful glaze to your meatloaf.

The final touch
The last few touches can augment the taste of your meatloaf by several times. The cooking time and resting time play an important role in bringing out the classic taste of a meatloaf. The ideal time for perfectly cooking a 2-pound meatloaf is an hour. Never overcook the meat as it might result in a tough and crumbly texture. The ideal way to identify the endpoint of cooking a meatloaf is by monitoring the internal temperature.

If the internal temperature reaches 155°F, then it’s time to pull out the meatloaf from the oven. A resting time of fifteen to twenty minutes allows the juices present in the meatloaf to distribute evenly and settle. Slicing the meatloaf too quickly results in the pooling of juices and drying of meatloaf. It is now time to savor your meatloaf.

Author: Ruth Miller

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