4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Blu Pure XL Smartphone

Blu Pure XL Smartphone

Perhaps you haven’t heard about the Blucompany, but they are a company which makes phones.  Its latest addition to the family of phones is the enormous, gigantic, metal, 6-inch Blue Pure XL. This smartphone really is a big reason why you will remember the Blucompany. Here are the four most important reasons why you should buy this huge smarthone.


1.It Is Cheap

Blue is Miami-based company that typically sells most of its inexpensive Android handsets in Latin America, therefore they have to keep a lower price on their products. In the USA you will find Blu devices in big retail chains such as Target and Walmart. The Pure XL which will start selling on September 29 will be available for only $350. Also, Blu tends to skip the middle-man, which means the price is significantly lower since you are getting the phone straight from the company which makes it.

2.Go Big Or Go Home!

blu_l259a_blue_life_pure_xl_l259a_1078053If you would like to have a phone has been as your personality, don’t be afraid to go for the Blue Pure XL.  This huge phone hasa 6-inch screen and 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution.  For some people, this might be too big and make them unable to hold the phone with one hand and still take photos.  But for others, the large display (the largest we have seen on the market in a while) means they will be able to enjoy the benefits of a large screen.  If you would like to have a phone which has a really large screen to offer, don’t be afraid to get a Blue Pure XL, since it is called XL for a reason.

3.Interesting Features

BLU-Pure-XL-Review-014The Blue Pure XL also has some interesting features, such as a recessed fingerprint reader on the back and a physical camera shutter button along the side. Both can launch the camera and take a photo, which is really amazing.  It also has a big 24-megapixel shooter as well as a front-facing 8-megapixel sensor.  When it comes to the Blue Pure XL specs, it has a 2.0GHz octa-core processorthe 64-bit MediaTekHelio X10 and is equipped with a 3,500mAh battery. Also, the Blue Pure XL comes with 64GB of storage.

It’s Not Mainstream!

4.Because It’s Not Mainstream

And the last reasons why you should get Blu’s Pure XL is when the fact that it isn’t a mainstream device, mainly because of its size.  If you want to stand out, then get this extra-large phone with impressive specs.  It will certainly make you stand out in the crowd, but it will also be very useful to you.  Furthermore, you want have to spend a lot of money on this amazing phone, and you will be able to get it straight from the company.  All of these benefits you will get if you choose to buy Pure XL.

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