Anker Lightning Cable For Iphone And Ipad

Anker-Lightning-to-USB-Cable-for-iPhone-and-iPadThe USB cables that are used for charging the phones are probably the easily broken devices due to its extensive usage. Most often we have to replace the cables that came originally with the device. The common confusion, we face while looking to buy new cable is buying the right lightning cable that is compatible with the phone. One of the best cables in the market today is Anker’s PowerLine cables that are available for iPads, iPhones and iPods. Apart from being compatible one of the important features for a lightning cable is its sturdiness. The cables are built with Kevlar fiber and it has special collars that prevent the cables from getting frayed with regular use.

Additionally, the cable also comes at a great affordable price and the length of the cable is about 3.5 foot. The cable also has a great hardware build, customer support from the manufacturer and an 18-month warranty option. With regards to the hardware, the cable is made using hard plastic that holds the plug and the long cable is very flexible as well. Going by the manufacturer’s word, the cable is said to withstand 5000 plus bends in its usage. This number is hard to verify but still, it is a large number. The cable is specifically designed of the Kevlar fiber, which is used in making bullet-proof cases. Due to this factor, they are sturdier.

Another notable feature in the PowerLine cables is that, it fits snugly into the cases. The cables have also been tested with many iPads and iPhones for compatibility and it worked fine. It is also compatible with iOS versions 8 as well as 9. The manufacturer also replaces the cable in case of any complaints due to their great customer service. Although professional recommendations are not available, it has more than 1000 plus reviews on Amazon and is quite popular. Out of the one thousand reviews in Amazon, only 12 percent of them have rated the cable below five stars.

Apart from the lightning cables, Anker also manufactures USB car charging cables, iPhone battery case, USB battery kits, Bluetooth accessories such as keyboards and desk lamps, solar battery chargers etc. They are also highly recommended in Wirecutter and Sweethome guides. For people who charge their phones from their desks, the shorted lightning cables are the best option. When there are weight and space constraints, this 1-foot cable comes in very handy. Although the cable is short, in terms of performance and design it performs similar to that of the 3.5 foot longer cable. Anker also makes long cables that come in 6-foot and 10-foot length as well.

Some of the ways using which one can extend the life of the cables are:
Always pull out the cable from the port holding the cable connector
Ensure that the cable is looped loosely while not in use
Connect to the cable with the port and ensure that it is seated properly in the holder
The PowerLine connector comes with a strap that helps the cable to remain in shape while looping. The data transfer speed is also good with these cables. If you are looking for a new cable for your phone, then Anker PowerLine is the best option.

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Is A Window/Door Replacement Company Profitable?


Window replacement is among the common window services offered. If you own a company that provides the window or door replacement services, then you must be aware of the benefits of marketing. When you market your services, you can be sure of getting, more customers. This will also see you earn more profits in your business. Many homeowners are choosing to go with the most advanced types of door and windows.

The vinyl windows are listed among the most recent types of windows. They help the homeowners in many ways and people are choosing to replace their existing windows with the vinyl windows. These windows are energy efficient, they act as noise barriers, they are recyclable and easy to clean. They also tend to add more value to your home.


Can your window/door replacement business be profitable?
With the rise in the demand for the vinyl windows, you can be sure of having more customers. Nonetheless, this will be based on the marketing of your business. If you market your business, many people will learn about it. In the long run, you will have more customers.
Here is a look at the benefits of marketing your window/door replacement business;
• Reveals you to more potential customers
When you market your business, especially via the internet, you can be sure of being known by many people. If you are using the social media, many people will learn about your product faster. You will not have to worry about moving around with banners, or going from door to door.

• Allows you to introduce your new service/Product
If you have a vinyl product, you will be able to tell your clients about it in the easiest way possible. If it is on the social media, you can just post on your profile, and everyone will have access to that service. More people will be able to order for the product or services when they learn about it.

• More willing partners
It is only when you market your business that people will learn about it. No one would know if you offer the window or door replacement services if you do not let them know about it. When people know that your company exists, you can be lucky to have potential partners. You might find a similar business that offers the same services, which can help your business grow. When you are in partnership with another window or door replacement company, you can end up making more profits.

• Many people will want to try out the Vinyl products
Other than introducing the new product, marketing your business will expose the trending window and door products and services. This will make the customers want to try out your product and service. They might not enjoy the benefits of the vinyl products if they do not know about it.

Clearly, you can make more profits with your window and door replacement business when you market it. Many customers will learn about your company when you advertise it. Since many people are focusing on the home improvements, you will end up having more demand for your services. When the demand is on the rise, more profits will be made.

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Rotating Potato Masher Tech

The Rotating Potato Masher Technology

Have you ever tried using technologically superior gadgets in preparing any southern meatloaf recipe? It is good to know that the southern meatloaf has a variety of recipes which make it even more interesting to prepare and also to eat. There are many variations that are used to prepare this dish which comes with a variety of recipes. But ultimately the final product is the much cherished southern meat loaf. There are different recipes to choose from and it depends wholly on you to take a pick. Some of the most common recipes include The turkey, herb and veggies, lamb, cheese burger, French market, mashed potato sandwich and many more.

It is important to note that in the preparation and serving stages various kitchen gadgets are used in order to make the whole process easier and faster. There are a variety of gadgets like the food processors, potato mashers, paring knives, and many more which are indispensable when it comes to preparing any recipe related to meat loaves. But the types of gadgets used must also be specific to the recipe prepared. Many gadgets however, are technologically superior than the most common and conventional one which make the preparation of such recipes easier, faster and fun.

One such gadget is the rotating potato masher which has actually greatly improved the way mashed potato sandwich meatloaf is prepared. Part of the main ingredient found in this particular recipe is the potato which should be mashed in order to create a good potato sandwich. In the past the potato used to be pounded and this used a lot of effort and time just to create the right mash for your sandwich. But with the technologically superior rotating potato masher it has become much easier to actually mash the potatoes whose results are excellent creating a fluffy mash with less effort and time.

Rotating Potato Masher Tech

This gadget has a unique flower shape design which is not only aesthetically oriented but also functional in nature. It is designed to be rotated inside the bowl rather than pounding. It makes use of the palms of the hands to rotate it in circles in order to mash the potatoes and has been said to be 50% faster than the conventional potato masher. It has a classical design with a soft grip hand for ease of use. Apart from mashing potatoes, this gadget is also useful in the preparation of baby food, guacamole, squash and many more. It is also easier to clean and it is dishwasher safe as it does not clog.

When preparing your favorite southern meatloaf recipe, the mashed potato sandwich in particular, make use of technology by using the rotating potato masher which will help you prepare your recipe faster and easily. It is a simple but superior gadget whose contribution in the preparation of this particular recipe is crucial. It also produces quality mashes which help to improve the quality of your meatloaf and consequently the much desired taste. This simple but cutting edge technology has made the preparation of meatloaves look like child play.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Blu Pure XL Smartphone

Blu Pure XL Smartphone

Perhaps you haven’t heard about the Blucompany, but they are a company which makes phones.  Its latest addition to the family of phones is the enormous, gigantic, metal, 6-inch Blue Pure XL. This smartphone really is a big reason why you will remember the Blucompany. Here are the four most important reasons why you should buy this huge smarthone.


1.It Is Cheap

Blue is Miami-based company that typically sells most of its inexpensive Android handsets in Latin America, therefore they have to keep a lower price on their products. In the USA you will find Blu devices in big retail chains such as Target and Walmart. The Pure XL which will start selling on September 29 will be available for only $350. Also, Blu tends to skip the middle-man, which means the price is significantly lower since you are getting the phone straight from the company which makes it.

2.Go Big Or Go Home!

blu_l259a_blue_life_pure_xl_l259a_1078053If you would like to have a phone has been as your personality, don’t be afraid to go for the Blue Pure XL.  This huge phone hasa 6-inch screen and 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution.  For some people, this might be too big and make them unable to hold the phone with one hand and still take photos.  But for others, the large display (the largest we have seen on the market in a while) means they will be able to enjoy the benefits of a large screen.  If you would like to have a phone which has a really large screen to offer, don’t be afraid to get a Blue Pure XL, since it is called XL for a reason.

3.Interesting Features

BLU-Pure-XL-Review-014The Blue Pure XL also has some interesting features, such as a recessed fingerprint reader on the back and a physical camera shutter button along the side. Both can launch the camera and take a photo, which is really amazing.  It also has a big 24-megapixel shooter as well as a front-facing 8-megapixel sensor.  When it comes to the Blue Pure XL specs, it has a 2.0GHz octa-core processorthe 64-bit MediaTekHelio X10 and is equipped with a 3,500mAh battery. Also, the Blue Pure XL comes with 64GB of storage.

It’s Not Mainstream!

4.Because It’s Not Mainstream

And the last reasons why you should get Blu’s Pure XL is when the fact that it isn’t a mainstream device, mainly because of its size.  If you want to stand out, then get this extra-large phone with impressive specs.  It will certainly make you stand out in the crowd, but it will also be very useful to you.  Furthermore, you want have to spend a lot of money on this amazing phone, and you will be able to get it straight from the company.  All of these benefits you will get if you choose to buy Pure XL.

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